Hand Gloves

The safety of your hands is our mission

Occupational safety is a must and we are an emerging company that looks forward to catering your hand safety needs. All safety solutions related to the hands, we help present. Our company is a hand gloves industrial hand gloves dealer, safety hand gloves supplier and industrial safety hand gloves wholesaler in bhosari at Pune. Speciality hand gloves are our forte and we look forward to protect your arms and hands. The cornerstone of our enterprise is to present people with solutions that help them stay safe during their job, thus optimal protection is provided against the exposure of risks they face each day. Since the inception, we have our goals straight and have never really compromised on the quality of the products.

The functionalities of the gloves

We are a safety hand gloves dealer in pune that defend the hands of the users from all kinds of general risks. Our industrial cotton knitted gloves seek to help against protection from all kinds of occupational hazards and recreational risks where hands are involved heavily in task completions. The gloves are the most comfortable for wearing are also skin-friendly besides being seamless. They are dimensioned universally or nominally-sized. Many of the gloves extend coverage beyond wrist, the styles of the cuffs vary as per the purpose of the glove.

For instance our jean gloves are made of jeans fabric that is qualitative, making it strong and highly durable to be used for companies of iron work.  Our leather gloves help workers that are involved in the welding industries because leather has the capability of resisting moderate heat and sparks.

The Heat Full Alumunized Fabric Gloves are meant for resisting heat above six hundred ninety degrees Celsius with standard length and woolen lining while our PU Coated Hand Gloves are snug fit neatly designed polyurethane gloves are meant for mechanics, construction workers, electrician and plumbers. These gloves prevent against dangerous oils, materials, hazardous chemicals, fluids and acidic fluids. We are also wholesalers of Spider Grip Latex Gloves that have ergonomic designs and textured palm for presenting excellent grip and repels liquid besides keeping hands cool and excellent breathability.

We specialize in other types as well

Tired of dishwashing and need protection against hot water and detergents, prolonged exposure to cleaning chemicals and soaps then invest in our rubber gloves. We have a wide range of designs thus you shall find hand gloves that are polka dotted and the electrical gloves that are rubber insulated or leather, protecting against punctures, abrasions and cuts.