One cannot live without their heads hence we protect it with our best quality helmets

If you are using your head then it is peremptory that a helmet for the head is used simultaneously. Our enterprise is deemed as the leading safety helmet wholesaler, Safety Helmets supplier as well as industrial safety helmet dealer in bhosari, Pune. These helmets have been developed after a lot of research. We take quality as concern and thus incorporate premium only those helmets that have been made with top quality material. They are available in different styles and colors so that you can make choices as per your needs.

Our logistics facility is well trusted hence we are assured safe shipments for the safety helmet in pune. They can be worn easily, are tough built have high tear and wear strength and service life that is longer. Till date our helmets are appreciated for being light-weight, precise dimensions, perfect finish and durability. Our range comprises ABS helmets that are premium, welding shields, sheltek helmet, V guard MSA safety helmet, helmets with ratchet-type adjustments and helmets with adjustments of slide-strap.

The characteristic features

A Welding Helmet is high in demand because they have the eyes protected from UV lights that are harmful and welding sparks. It protects the neck and face from flash burns and also protect from retina burns. We ensure customers that products offered are reliable and free of faults therefore they undergo substantial quality checks based on the parameters of quality.

We offer face shields of welding shields that are used against glare, sunlight and fire. Industrial customers demand the most for this and some of our welding screens have filters of liquid crystal in it that is corrosion resistant.

We are wholesalers of V-guard MSA helmets that are known for durability, quality and comfort. They have the distinctive V design that protect against falling objects, people working at treacherous heights and restricted headroom.

Our Helmet with Slide-Strap Adjustment is industrial safety helmet that is chemical resistant and has optimal strength.

We deal with Helmet with Ratchet-Type Adjustment that helps individuals correct the size of the head by pushing in hand-wheel and having it turned.

There is also a huge collection of Sheltek Helmet and Premium quality ABS helmets that provide ultimate protection for heads.

Choose to stay safe with us

Our top notch helmets guarantee security at your industrial workplace and can be washed easily too.