We manufacture and design best quality pilot uniforms and are a recognized pilot uniform store. Uniforms of the flight pilots immediately cast an impression in the minds of people whenever they are boarding a flight. It helps in building a passenger experience that is positive and pilots need exuding an authoritative and professional aura. The clothing solutions for the airline pilots are made in such a manner that it ticks each box of perfection. We help manufacture uniforms that have the right blend of contemporary designs, fashionable fits and are spot on professional attires.  Moreover, our teams often collaborate for creating uniform programs that are customized, that are tailored for getting the desired feel and look. It is done right rill the final solution from initial process of designing. These are the features of our pilot uniforms.

The characteristics and fabric blends

We are a distinguished pilot uniform store that put in fabric with the highest threat count, is lightweight and allows for minimum shrinkage. Most of the fabric for the shirt is blend from distinct components like polyester and cotton while both possessing some unique characteristics. 

We include cotton mainly because this fabric is soft, has the capability for absorbing moisture and is sturdy. However, it takes the longest time to dry up, shrinks happen and wrinkles also take place thus our experts add polyester for making out resist all kinds of stretching, shrinking and resistant to abrasion. Polyester never holds moisture or retains it thus both cotton and polyester as a combination fabric for pilot uniform is stellar.

The percentage is kept at 35/65, 55/45, or 60/40, thus resulting in corresponding blending of characteristics. Together the combo of poly/cotton offers good compromise related with performance and comfort characteristics. It must be noted that fabric blend never determines material’s appearance or thickness.

The types we use

There is broadcloth which is the lightest and thinnest shirt fabric and is woven from thinnest yarns. Besides broadcloth we also use pinpoint and oxford. Pinpoint has medium to light thickness and oxford is made of yarns that are thicker. All these fabrics have a smooth texture and we love to present you comfort when you are flying.