House Keeping

We have carefully chosen the best of housekeeping uniforms that are tagged the most affordable prices besides being high quality. As authorized manufacturers, we make everything from shirts for the housekeeping needs, pants, dresses and smocks. We are in the method of developing unparalleled standards in art of designing elegant as well as durable housekeeping uniforms in india. We strive to provide our customers with products that have innovative styles and the customer services are exceptional. Our teams bring forth expertise and all our industrial experience to provide the best service pants, aprons and housecoats. We shall be even more than happy in adding logo to the uniforms for making sure that everyone looks best while they are working. Here is what you get.

The hospitality uniforms

The service pants we make are age old staples to keep a professional and clean appearance and are used for professional establishments and industries. With time industry needs are changing and we adapt to those requirements, thus keep evolving and incorporate new designs. If you are seeking uniforms that are practical and fashionable then we have latest designs.

Shop with us to lay hands on a wide selection of housekeeping aprons in various styles and colors because we provide all kinds of aprons. The types include front house, back of house, bib, waist and bistro aprons. They are all available at affordable rates.

There are stain resistant hospitality shirts and you can select the length of the sleeve as per the needs of your company. These uniforms can be taken care of easily.

Helping with your brand image

If you are in the hospitality industry then you are already aware that right kind of clothing is necessary and mandatory. We help you have your brand image represented well with good looking, crisp uniforms. Our teams understand that there is competition and you are a part of it, hence we pay heed to every single detail and style. Uniforms have been found to e more effective than advertising also thus realizing the importance we have crafted the best.  Stay organized and ahead of all the your competitors.